What We Do

Core Team Solutions has joined hands with industry giants in order to provide high end services to its clientele. We have been adding and developing new products and services so as to cater to diverse industry verticals. At Core Team Solutions, our motto is "Complete IT solutions today... for tomorrow". With this as the primary goal, we make every attempt to provide the best of services and technology to our clients, while also catering to their ever changing demands. Core Team Solutions also provides state-of-the-art after sales services. This is done with the help of a unique system wherein users can log in on the site and submit their complaints, if any. After that, the team comes up with an assured solution and issues whatsoever are closed within 24 hours. We also provide a 24x7 Phone Help Desk Service which provides assistance to our clients regarding any of our products.


At Core Team Solutions, we believe in creating value for our clients. Client satisfaction is the parameter which defines our success. We impress our clientele with exceptional team work and stupendous back-end support. Passion and creativity drive us towards achieving our goals. We believe in offering the best of services and experience to our clients. The company philosophy focuses on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. We provide services with the finest value and quality. At Core Team Solutions, we always look towards finding new and better ways to improve our business and corporate relationships. With consistent efforts, hard work and the resulting success, our vision seems a reality!


Core Team Solution was founded with a mission to provide state-of-the art services utilizing the best of people and practices. We aim to offer complete end-to-end solutions to our clientele and assist them in meeting their business needs in a cost effective, secure and complete manner. Core Team Solutions aims to provide consulting services in the IT and ITES domain. Our mission is to provide lifecycle services inclusive of strategy, architecture, implementation, project management, business development and outsourced support. Our services are aimed at matching business requirements with the information security required to safeguard and sustain our clients' business objectives.

Meet our great Team

Mahendra Kulkarni

Managing Director

With an Industry experience of 17 years, Mr.Mahendra Kulkarni started his career at the age of 21, as a plain simple accounts person.

Taking his foresight into his stride, he has come a long way that is really commendable if one considers the obstacles he has surpassed.
The Dream, Mr.Kulkarni nurtured for years, is taking a firm shape day by day. Now that, Core Team Solutions is opening its wings in other sectors like telecom industry, it is definitely going to be a success story. Core Team Solutions is a flagship of a group of companies. Hridayam Soft Solutions is one of them. This company is in software development. CTS being an IT Company, was bound to venture in Software Solutions. So it did & then started a series of fantastic software solutions.


Pascual D'Souza


Leading technical department and having overall industry experience of 14 years, Mr.Pascual D’Souza is quite an experienced guy when technical side of company is concerned. He has seen all Ups & downs of the Industry and with this company from the time it was founded. He started as an IT engineer & reached to this position only because of his devotion & hard work.

Ashwini Kulkarni


Leading Customer Support team and having Industry experience of 8 years Mrs.Ashwini Kulkarni, has been successfully leading the Customer Support Team for quite some time. Her sincere efforts are helping in smooth customer support.

Chief Officers

Chintan J Shah


Mr. Chintan Shah has done Masters in Marketing Management. Combined with an industry experience of more than 6 years, his alliance with Mr.Kulkarni has proved fruitful for the company. While leading the Sales & Marketing Team with enthusiasm, he has helped our software team to a great extent because of his logic & Techsavvy nature.

Prajakta Khadilkar

Head - HR, Administration and Operations

With her experience of around 16 years, Zeal is the key that helped Mrs.Prajakta Khadilkar to broaden her scope of work. An array of varied experience has always proved to be a strength while working with Core Team Solutions.


Prashant Kulkarni

Manager - Telecom Projects

Comparatively a new but true value addition to CTS, but proved to be a right choice when company decided to enter in telecom industry. He is an inspiration for his team due to his hard work & enthusiasm.

Bapu Pradhan

Manager - Purchase and Logistics

Mr.Bapu Pradhan has been with Mr.Kulkarni since company formation. There was a time when this dept. was a one man army. Now Mr.Pradhan is leading Purchase & Logistics Dept. efficiently.

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